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​“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away..​"

~Eudora Welty


Three of the most important people in my life gave me cameras.  Two of them, my father and my uncle, did not have careers that required photography, let alone the time to practice it,  yet they found time to enjoy it. More importantly they knew that it wasn't a chore or an obligation, rather a simple gesture of satisfaction to capture a moment of someone or something.  Someone or something that, because they listened to the situation and appreciated all the parts involved, captured a moment through the lens of a camera.  They found that memories that were being created, could be revisited later with that moment they captured.  They learned, as did I in time, not to take for granted small moments - no moment is small.

     My wife, my friend and my true center of sunshine, gave me my third camera.  She is, and will always be, what makes me better at all that I do.  She reminds me everyday that people smile whether you see it or not -beauty is everywhere.  She has also enabled this small endeavor I love and motivated me by propping me at every turn. 

What I usually do

I am, and have been for more than 15 years, a technology teacher at a small private school in the Boston metro area.  Another aspect of my job is training teachers, which contrary to popular belief, is tougher than teaching kids.  



I have lived in and around Boston for all of my life.  My father grew up in Greenwich Village, NYC and my mother grew up in Normandy, France.  I am, most of the time, very proud to be French/American, although sometimes I am very torn.

I originally went to school for criminal justice, and ended up majoring in elementary education.  I then attended grad school for TechEd.  


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